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Maltepe University established the Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center to carry out international scientific studies in the field of cancer and stem cells. In recent years; Cancer therapy and stem cell research have gained momentum and the prospects for the use of stem cells to treat a multitude of diseases, even cancer, have increased steadily. Maltepe University Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center, shortly MUKKAM, was the first research center to target cancer and stem cell research together in Turkey.

He is also a member of the International Relations Committee of the American Cell Biology Association. Dr. Ranan Gülhan Aktaş will present the Maltepe University Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center at the joint meeting of American Cell Biology Society and International Cell Biology Federation to be held in Philadelphia, USA between 6-9 December.

Professor Dr. Dr. Aktas stated that the center they are planning to do is hosting the doctors and scientists who work in this area from different parts of the world and plans to support the education of the students from different countries.

Professor Dr. Aktaş added: "There are 7 laboratories in the research center with an area of ​​200 square meters. In these laboratories; Cells can be produced and replicated and stored frozen if necessary. Laboratories; Equipped with devices that can carry out very different investigations on either cancer or stem cells. Microscopic examinations of cells, assessment of their content at the molecular level, DNA and RNA analysis, protein measurements can be done in these laboratories. "

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