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"Innovation in Cıty: Diabetes, Cancer and Connection" meeting was held at Maltepe University. The event, organized at Marma Convention Center in Marmara Training Village, Five well-known physicians around the world with studies in the field of diabetes from the United States and scientists from Nobel prize-winning chemistry in 2008. Dr. There was Martin Chalfie.

The meeting was attended by Professor of Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine and Director of Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center. Dr. Ranan Gülhan Aktaş and Professor of Brown University, USA. It was organized by Mahasin Osman.
Dr. Dr. Slavica Tudzarova, Dr. Based on the work presented at the congress with Mahasin Osman, he prepared a scientific paper summarizing the latest developments in this area and published in the well-known American scientific journal "Molecular Biology of the Cell" in September. Two scientists who prepared the make-up, at the end of their writings, Hüseyin Şimşek, the founder of Maltepe University, Can Solakoğlu, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Ranan Gülhan Aktaş'a and the students of Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine.
Professor Dr. Aktaş said in his statement, "We will continue with these activities with our students. Our aim; To bring together world-renowned physicians and scientists in the field of doctors, scientists and students in our country to enable new collaborations with information exchange. "

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