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Maltepe University Cancer and Stem Cell Research Center (MUKKAM) has been established in 2014 to serve scientists, clinicians, and students who studies on cancer and / or stem cell. It locates in Marmara Education Village. It is a multidisiciplinary center which aims to educate public, to conduct national and international studies and to present scientific results which can be used  practically in medicine.  The center targets to be a research center which can produce products, techniques or procedures on  cancer and stem cell biology, genetic engineering, biotechnology, bioinformatics



  • A scientific environment which produce scientific outcomes related with international studies on cancer and stem cells,
  • An international center which serves to clinicians, scientists, undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students
  • A unit for international collaborations,
  • A laboratory involved in projects focusing biotechnology related products,
  • An interdisciplinary team which aims to create innovative technologies, products and scientific solutions for the diagnosis and therapy of cancer and other diseases.


  • To conduct studies to reach reasults related with cancer and stem cell researches and to use this knowledge for innovative technologies and practical applications
  • To organize educational activities as an international center for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate students, clinicians and scientists and provide networking related with cancer cell, stem cell, cell differentiation, recent technologies, advanced methods to investigate the feature of these cells.